Omega De ville tourbillon

Each High Quality Omega De ville tourbillon replica is a unique, hand-crafted timepiece collection that combines breathtaking beauty with innovative technology and is a sublime example of watchmaking art. These timepieces are equipped with Omega's unique central tourbillon movement. The movement is mounted in the tourbillon frame and can effectively counteract the effects of gravity. Through the dial that covers the wear-resistant sapphire glass, the movement is beautiful. A bird's eye view.
The Omega De ville mid-mounted tourbillon watch is a dazzling design of advanced tourbillon technology. This watch is equipped with Omega's unique 2636 coaxial movement, equipped with advanced escapement devices that lead the future technological development of mechanical movements, providing excellent precision timing functions.
In order to create a unique hollow version of the Omega De ville tourbillon watch, watchmakers must remove unnecessary parts of the floor and bridge, and carry out beveled edges. Each hollow tourbillon watch was completed by a watchmaker on its own, which took more than 500 hours.
Each watchmaker will engrave his initials on the bottom of the Tourbillon. When the central tourbillon watch is sent to Omega's original factory for maintenance, it will be handed over to the original watchmaker. The Omega Disc Tourbillon Central Tourbillon watch has been meticulously built to become the pinnacle of the legendary watch brand Omega.

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