22 Feb

Baselworld 2017 – The Omega 1957 Trilogy Top Imitation Watch is Back

There are icons, and there are legends… The Omega 1957 Trilogy is one of the few legends of watchmaking, a succession of watches so significant that it still defines the current Omega collection. These watches are capital, not just for the brand, but for your industry. Believe us, these 3 will be the stars of the show. Presenting the Omega Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 39mm, the Omega 1957 trilogy box set replica watch Railmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 38mm and the Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 38.6mm.

In 1957, Omega Watches introduced an very important collection of professional timepieces, each dedicated to a particular type of users (rather than collectors at the time): the Omega 1957 Trilogy, comprising the Omega 1957 trilogy replica watch review Speedmaster CK2915 (for pilots and rushing divers), the Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913 (for professional anglers ) and the Omega Railmaster CK2914 (for scientists and individuals working in magnetic surroundings ). These watches would go on to develop into complete classics. They’re rare, extremely collectible, very powerful in auctions. However, the most significant is how funds these watches were for the Biel-based brand and for the industry.

With such a pedigree and understanding the Omega 1957 Trilogy is celebrating its 60th anniversary, we all understood that Omega was about to launch something. We even predicted the 60th anniversary Speedmaster a couple of weeks back (using an effect that’s very close to the one introduced by Omega). However, if we were anticipating rather faithful reeditions, we were not close from the truth. In the exclusion of the moves and a few specifics, the Omega Seamaster 300, the Omega 1957 trilogy seamaster 300 clone Railmaster along with the Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary are a few of the most loyal reeditions we’ve seen lately. It is just crazy. This Omega 1957 Trilogy 60th anniversary is beyond cool. It’s stunning.

To achieve this level of faithfulness, Omega utilized a unique digital scanning technology, which supplied the brand with accurate representations of the original watches. All cross sections and dimensions are measured, and subsequently used as such in the newest 1957 Trilogy. Each and every aspect is equivalent to the first ones. Period. Evolutions are in the details, in the construction techniques, in the substance used… However, for the design, it is a proper reissue of the 1957 models.

All three watches are cased in brushed and polished stainless steel. Smaller diameters are used to respect the initial concept of 1957 (38.6mm for its Speedmaster 60th Anniversary, 39mm for the Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary and 38mm for its Railmaster 60th Anniversary). All come with brilliant black”tropical” dials, meaning that a slight worn-out, patinated colour, paired with beige paint onto the indicators and hands. It is a bit gimmick for certain, but in this circumstance, it just seems cool. The stainless steel bracelets have been updated for strength and include a retro-style Omega emblem on the grip.

First of the Omega 1957 Trilogy is the Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 39mm — and with this name, you probably have all the essential infos… What we have is a super-faithful reissue, with precisely the identical 39mm as the first CK2913, exactly the exact same dialup, with same pointy indexes, same numeralsexactly the same thin Omega 1957 trilogy seamaster replica watches emblem , the same”Automatic” mention, the same font for its”Seamaster 300″ emblem, the same broad arrow hands, exactly the identical bezel in 2 parts, with a thin black fit (but here made in aluminum rather than at all bakelite as the original), the identical Naïad sign on the crownthe same 300m water resistance, a bracelet inspired from the original (with polished outer links and brushed central connection ), the same instance with bevelled lugs… Visually, everything is in its right place. Impressive.

The dial of this Omega Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 39mm indicates a slight grey-brown color along with the indexes are black beige, an ode to classic patina. A couple of concessions to modernity however: a sapphire crystal (which on the other hand has the logo in the center, exactly like old plexiglas) and the movement, an automatic Master Chronometer calibre 8806 (antimagnetic, 15,000 Gauss, co-axial escapement). It’s ref. and will be priced at CHF 6,500 (before taxation ).

Second watch from the Omega 1957 trilogy speedmaster limited edition fake 1957 Trilogy is your Railmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 38mm. Again, the recipe is exactly the same. A true-as-hell replica of the vintage version. We find back the specific same case as the Railmaster CK2914, with a 38mm diameter, a polished bezel, the identical bracelet (brushed in the centre ), and the same dial, with faithful inscriptions and needless to say, broad-arrow hands. This Railmaster 60th Anniversary seems somewhat plain and simple, but the old version has ever been. And it will certainly pop more in the metal. The dial is also slightly grey-brown.

This view, especially designed for scientists, technicians or anyone who worked near electrical fields, had a double situation with internal antimagnetic protection. Something which is currently useless, thinking about the automatic Master Chronometer calibre 8806 indoors (which may withstand 15,000 Gauss). This Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Master Chronometer 38mm includes ref. and will likely be priced at CHF 6,300 (before taxes).

As we’ve seen, each of the watches of the Omega 1957 Trilogy will be available individually, each made in 3,557 examples. Still, there will be a much more decorative option: a 557 pieces limited edition bow together with the 3 watches included. The outer-box, made of Swiss walnut wood, has an engraving of this 1957 Seahorse on the lid and a front-plate engraved with”Trilogy 60th Anniversary, 001/557″. Opening the lid reveals a smaller box, inspired by the 1957 model, which contains all 3 watches. Each dial is printed with TRILOGY along with the Limited Edition variety; and each caseback is engraved with”LIMITED TO 557 TIMEPIECES”. The larger box also includes a leather watch roll, with three spare leather and NATO straps in addition to a wooden spring pub changing instrument.