23 Jun

Hands-on: The Omega Globemaster Swiss Eta Movement Fake Watch

The story in a second:
Baselworld was big for Omega, with a great deal of new releases and many lines receiving significant new developments or updates. But one watch stood out above all others — the brand new Globemaster, their own first Master Chronometer, which represents a new golden standard in precision and performance for Omega globemaster annual calendar automatic men’s replica watch.

Six months on, the Globemasters are now hitting the retail marketplace, so it’s time to test what makes this watch so unique, for example its close ties with all the vintage Constellation versions. Powered by their technically advanced movement to date, the Globemaster is Omega’s most important growth since the release of the first Co-Axial moves in 1999.

What’s a Globemaster?

First off, Globemaster is a great, strong name, though with its different traveling connotations, you may believe it more fitting to get a new GMT or even worldtime. But a three handed, vaguely vintage dress watch? But there is more to it than that. For a period in the 1950s, Omega globemaster annual calendar thickness replica Constellations were branded as Globemasters for the American marketplace. By resurrecting the vague Globemaster name they’ve cleverly managed to reference the glory days of the Constellation, without creating a’reissue’ of one of the most important historical models.

Exacting precision

Omega have said that the Caliber 8900 is the most technical motion they’ve ever created, and this new certificate (while being open to all) is going to be an essential mark of quality and point of difference for your brand in the years ahead.

Up until the arrival of quartz, the essential step of precision in timekeeping was via tests by independent observatories, where Omega’s standing was remarkable, putting eight documents. The Constellation, released in 1952 is, in part, a tribute to this accomplishment, and bears an observatory seal on the caseback.

It is fitting that the Globemaster continues this legacy of exact timekeeping and it is a nice link to the past that it conveys the observatory emblem on its own rotor, with eight miniature stars, representing the eight chronometric records Omega globemaster gold imitation watches set last century, in addition to the eight METAS tests.

Classic style
The impressive technical features of the Globemaster are only part of the narrative. And while that is how you would sell it to the left hand side of their brain — the analytical part that’s impressed with the antimagnetic, ultra-precise Caliber 8900 — there is a different part of us that frankly, does not give two figs for all that.

“We’re buying dreams too, not only technical graphs of performance,” says Sacha Davidoff, 1 half of the respected Geneva based Davidoff Brothers. “Look at vintage watches: not watertight, delicate, not precise and the movements always have issues. But, people go nuts over excellent vintage watches because they are beautiful and becoming increasingly rare.”

Happily the Globemaster is much more than adequate on this front, too, especially as a result of the elements it borrows from classic Constellations. Most noteworthy is the dial in opaline silver (it’s also provided in sun-brushed blue on the steel versions ) with its faceted camber, which looks like an upturned pie dish. Another vintage element of the watch is that the fluted bezel, which Omega globemaster rose gold clone utilized on their’C’ shaped Constellations, although this has raised eyebrows, provided the bezel is strongly connected to the Rolex Datejust and Day-Date models. Irrespective of the controversy, it’s the right selection for this particular model, including texture, interest and classic charm to what is otherwise a very straightforward watch.

Omega released 11 versions of Globemaster in Baselworld, from steel on leather to a limited edition platinum version. The single omission were golden versions on bracelets, but even so, that’s a big range — which not everybody feels is necessary.

From a customer point of view, this profusion of models is great, as there’s no need to wait for years for the steel version, as is common practice with other brands. But if Omega globemaster white dial replica wanted to build the buzz around the Globemaster, releasing only the platinum variant (Davidoff’s pick, btw) this season would have had people speaking.

The great everyday dress watch?
And while this is partially down to the delay involving the launching and watches hitting stores, we suspect it is more considered . The Globemaster, Davidoff asserts, has no dependence on over-the-top marketing. Rather, it”will be the basic, fundamental backend, yet fully-loaded, technical design,” he says. “It will develop organically”.